Pure (Reinen)
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Like all pure logic, the pure theory of manifolds, pure mathematics, in short, in the widest sense, are pure in the sense that they contain no sensuous concept in their whole theoretical fabric. (Edmund Husserl, Logical Investigations (I-VI): LI 6, Section 61)

Important motives, grounded in the epistemological problematic, justify our designating "pure" consciousness, about which we shall have so much to say, as transcendental consciousness, and the operation by which it is reached the transcendental epoche. (Edmund Husserl, Ideas 1: Section 33)

The "phenomenological epoche" will deserve its name only means of this insight; the fully conscious effecting of that epoche will prove itself to be the operation necessary to make "pure" consciousness, and subsequently the whole phenomenological region, accessible to us. (Edmund Husserl, Ideas 1: Section 33)

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Subject: Two senses of "pure"
There is clearly a shift from the Logical Investigations sense of purity to the transcendental sense of the Ideas, for pure consciousness in the latter sense includes acts with sensory content. I wonder if there are other uses as well. The term is certainly pervasive.
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