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Now these are also sedimentations of subjective intentional operations, but the intentionality of these operations does not lie open to the view of reflection but it only implied in the sedimentation\'s which refer to it. The revealing of these intentional implications and with them the history of the world itself, in which the subject of psychology already finds himself as in one ready-made, also means, therefore, a retrogression to what is subjective, since it is though the intentional activity of the subject that the world had obtained this form; but it is a retrogression to a hidden subjectivity--hidden because it is not capable of being exhibited as present in reflection in its intentional activity but can only be indicated by the sedimentations left by this activity in the pregiven world ( : p. 48)

As soon as we disregard others, there is also no question of a validation which refers to the cognitive activity of others; there are as yet no sedimentations of sense which insure that our world, as far as it is given to us, is always already understood as a world exactly determinable and, through the achievements of science as it is historically constituted, already determined in conformity with the idea of definitive validity ( : p. 57)

The level of the act of predicative judgment, the sedimentation of which is found in the declarative statement. As the sedimentation of a store of knowledge, this confirmation is freely available, preservable, and communicable. Only the act of predicative judgment creates this store of knowledge and the objects of knowledge in the pregnant sense of the term, and not the act of judgment typical of merely receptive contemplation, although the latter already creates knowledge which persists as habitual ( : p. 62)

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